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02 June 2010:  Boots today announced the launch of a pilot research study for a new, innovative Boots Logo blood  pressure system at selected Boots pharmacies in Ireland.

It is estimated that over 54% of stroke and 47% of heart disease cases worldwide are caused by high blood pressure.  About half of Irish adults over 50 years of age have high blood pressure, often called the ‘silent killer’, as many people are unaware that they have the condition.

Up to now blood pressure has traditionally been monitored with a one-off (clinical) blood pressure test which dates back to 1896.  The new system however can measure blood pressure more accurately by taking measurements over a 24 hour period.  Known as 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) the system was previously only available in specialist care units and in GP surgeries.  However by partnering with Irish company, dabl®, Boots will pilot a research study to make such a service available through community pharmacies.

To take accurate measurements, a lightweight monitor is fitted to the patient’s waist which is connected to a cuff on their arm for 24 hours.  The pharmacist will then be able to identify patients at risk and refer them for medical attention as early as possible.

Mary Rose Burke, Boots’ Chief Pharmacist, said “We already offer a Healthy Heart Service nationwide, which helps people to understand their risk of developing heart disease.  We are delighted to pilot this innovative blood pressure monitoring service in a number of our pharmacies as part of our continued efforts to facilitate early detection of cardiovascular disease.”

Hypertension expert Professor Eoin O’Brien welcomed the launch of ABPM at Boots Pharmacies, saying “every patient suspected of having hypertension should have an ABPM to confirm or refute the diagnosis, and every patient with uncontrolled hypertension should have an ABPM repeated as necessary until 24-hour control of BP is achieved.  This would substantially reduce the incidence of stroke and heart attack in this country.”  

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement is now available at the following Boots pharmacies:

  • Boots St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2
  • Boots Pavilion Shopping Centre Swords, Dublin
  • Boots Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin
  • Boots Wilton Shopping Centre, Cork
  • Boots Main Street, Tramore, Waterford
  • Boots William Street, Limerick
  • Boots Golden Island Shopping Centre, Athlone
  • Boots, Harbour Place Shopping Centre, Mullingar


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